• How To Filter Unwanted ‘Reply All’ Emails

    If you’ve ever worked in a corporate setting, you’ve surely encountered the nightmare of a “Reply All” misfire. This is when someone accidentally (or purposefully) blasts an email to way more people than they should’ve, and even more people chime in via “reply all” asking to be removed from the conversation and/or distribution list.

  • The Coalition’s Internet Filter Plan Debacle (UPDATED)

    Just two days before the election, the Coalition has announced it will introduce an internet filter that would be switched on for all broadband services and mobile devices by default should it win. Quite aside from the political timing , the plan seems light on technical detail to the point of confusion. UPDATE: The Coalition…

  • Conroy Anti-Gouging, But Still Pro-Censorship

    Bugger. Just when Senator Stephen Conroy got back into our good books with the long-overdue inquiry into price gouging, he gets all gung-ho and says the internet filter censorship plan is still actively moving forward with new developments “soon”. Stephen, oh Stephen, when will you learn?

  • Still No Obvious Tech Policy Winners In Election

    The news that the Liberal Party would block any attempts to introduce mandatory internet filtering has attracted much attention since it emerged yesterday afternoon. However, a lack of detail on what alternatives might be proposed, and the lurking question of what will happen to the NBN, mean that advancing the cause of technology with your…