Convert Images, Docs And Other Files Over Email

Convert Images, Docs And Other Files Over Email

We’ve long been fans of online file conversion service Zamzar, but today they released a new feature that lets you convert files over email.

The new service is super easy to use. Just take a file of a type supported by Zamzar, attach it to an email and send it to [email protected], where format is the format you want to convert to. So, if you were converting a PNG file to JPG, you’d attach your PNG in an email to [email protected]. This works with images, documents, music, ebooks and even videos.

Unfortunately, unless you have a paid account on Zamzar, you only have a 1MB limit for files sent over email. It’s still more than enough for a basic image or document conversion, though and it’s great for use on smartphones. If someone sends you an iWork file, for example, and you can’t open it on your Android phone, just forward the email to [email protected] and you’ll get an Office-compatible file that you can open anywhere. Check out their FAQ for more information about the new service.

Convert Files by Email [Zamzar Blog]


  • 1mb limit? I’ve sent a bunch of PDFs for conversion to kindle format and none of them were less than 1mb. From memory there is a 100mb limit on the amount of free usage before you need to start paying, which I assume is tied to your email/IP address.

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