Which TV Shows Advertise Junk Food The Most?

The effect of junk food advertising on kids' eating habits is a topic of constant controversy. If you're a parent who wants to minimise the number of those ads your kids see, the Cancer Council's new Fat Free TV Guide outlines which shows feature the most fast-food promotion.

You can search for a show to see how it ranks, or check a list of "fatty shows" for the worst offenders. Worst case amongst regular broadcasts? The AFL, followed by The X Factor and Dancing With The Stars.

Before the comments denigrate into a holy war, obviously parents have to do more than just stop their kids watching fast food advertising if they want to inculcate healthy dietary habits. But as part of that battle, this could be a useful resource.

Fat Free TV Guide [via Mumbrella]


    thats why i pay for foxtel and the kids package (no advertising at all)

      Not sure if you're kidding but this might actually be a good investment in your kids health.

    I swear the cricket had the most fast food ads of any program, before, during and after. Nearly more KFC than cricket.

    Sports shows generally have alot of ads for food. AFL and such usually have alot of ads for KFC, Hungry Jacks, etc..

    Old hippie, so you pay for foxtel and get no ad's...rubbish! Foxtel is crawling with bloody ad's these days. Probably not as bad as commercial TV but way too many (i.e. more than 0) for pay TV.

      As stated, there are no product advertisements on the kids channels.

    ABC 2 is the best if you have toddlers. No ads except for their own shows.

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