Use Noodles Instead Of Pasta For Healthier Italian

It's not that authentic, but switching out spaghetti for soba noodles is an easy way of lessening the carbohydrate and calorie load you'd usually get with a simple bolognese dish.

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If you don't mind the different texture and flavour, the average cup of soba noodles contain 113 calories and 24g a carbs, compared to the 221 calories and 43g of spaghetti, as noted by Live Strong. At home, we've been using udon as well, which isn't as healthy but still a good alternative.

Considering a lot of flavour will come from the sauce and protein you use, you'll be surprised at how small the effect is on the overall taste. Obviously, purists won't be satisfied, but for everyone else, I urge you to give it a try!

Japanese Noodles & Weight Loss [Live Strong]


    For anyone monitoring their carb intake it's not much of a difference, and for most one meal with pasta OR soba noodles will expend their low carb 'budget'.

    Shirataki yam noodles are a much better option. 3 grams of carbs per 113gram serving size.

      For anyone not near an Asian supermarket, these can be found in the health food aisle of Woolworths or in VitaminMe under the name "Slim Pasta", and come in both angel hair & spaghetti type. The liquid they're packed in has no smell, whereas the Asian market type have a strong fishy smell before washed. Shirataki noodles when cooked stay firm & "al dente". It's good to have them with a rich sauce or lots of spices as on their own have hardly any flavour.

    Check that you ate getting 100% soba noodles. Most brands are 80%+ wheat and the rest soba.

    Then have a look at the amount of salt.

    Excactly, soba noodles contain a ridiculous amount of salt. Hardly a healthy alternative.

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