Google Revamps Nav Bar Again, Kills Dropdown

Google recently changed its navigation bar to a drop-down menu that, frankly, was a huge pain to use. Responding to user feedback, Google has returned to a more old-school navigation bar with a set of links across the top, which send you to your favourite Google apps and services.

It keeps some of the more popular changes from the last iteration, though, like a unified search box and Google+ notifications on every Google page. The new version of the Google bar should roll out over the next few weeks, so if you don't have it yet, keep an eye out for it soon.

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    The main issue I had when they changed the nav bar, was that the Google Reader link went into the dropdown, and there was no way to change it. The reader link was probably 99% of my google nav bar usage. I would have no problem with a dropdown, as long as I can put the more commonly used ones onto the nav bar itself.

      +1 Reader is awesome.

    Damn it! I hate the ugly black bar, and I loved the little bit of extra screen real estate I got with the dropdown-only bar.

    I'm happy that they didn't make that dropbar official.

    I'm glad it's changed. I only really use Reader & Calendar and I have Reader pinned but I only occasionally use Calendar and for some reason it was way down the list.

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