Google+ Gets Navigation Customisation, Cleaner Discussions And More

Google has introduced a slew of new features for Google+ that seek to make navigation of the social network easier. On top of a new user interface, Google+ users will see a customisable navigation ribbon, a new discussion layout and more.

The navigation bar is the most noticeable change. Instead of a list on the top of your browser, you'll see a ribbon on the left with applications and options. You can customise the order of this bar any way you like as well as add or remove items. Conversations also get a revamp, with a new card system to quickly scan comments and full bleed photos. Finally, Google+ Hangouts get their own dedicated page so you can have quick access to every public hangout in your feed. The improvements are rolling out over the next few days.

Toward a simpler, more beautiful Google [Official Google Blog]


    Try this with a widescreen monitor... 50% whitespace.

      I take it you're one of those weirdos who maximises their browser window?

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