Eventbrite Rolls Out Australian Site

Online ticket seller Eventbrite has been around since 2006, and plenty of Aussies already use it: the site sold $9 million worth of tickets to Australian events last year. The company has now launched a local web presence, promising better customer support for paid events, more payment options and better resources for discovering events in your city.

Eventbrite already offered Australian-dollar charging via PayPal, but now gives the option of using its own credit card processing systems instead. For February, Eventbrite is waving its normal fees (2.5 per cent plus $0.99 a ticket, capped at a maximum of $9.95 per ticket) for new customers.

For ticketed events that don't charge fees, the service is entirely free. CEO Kevin Hartz told Lifehacker that 70 per cent of events listed on the site are free. "We have this enormous ecosystem of free events," he said. "We have mobile applications for organisers that can use iPhone or Android to scan the PDF tickets and scan them into events, whether it's 15 people or 15,000+. All these things are making ticketing now viable for the broad mainstream, not just big venues."



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      Trying to do some link building for SEO hey joee?

      hmm ... seems super expensive to me. I'd suggest avoiding that site like the plague.

    This is awesome!

    wow!! check them out!!

    A colleague of mine runs an Australian business named tixi at http://tixi.com.au. They already provide a similar service for approximately the same prices. They've got some unique features worth checking out.

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