How To Manage Tickets And Vouchers With Passbook In iOS 6

Passbook is a brand new app in iOS 6 designed to manage movie tickets, vouchers and loyalty cards. Its usefulness in Australia will be limited at first, but the fact that it's available here at all should mean that we'll starting seeing local businesses making the most of it. Here's how to get it working for you.

How to Add, View and Use Passes

When you update to iOS 6, you'll see a new icon on your home screen for Passbook. Tap on that to open your list of passes. You won't have any when you open the app for the first time, but you'll be able to buy some in the App Store. If you come across anything that is compatible with Passbook — say, while you're browsing the web with mobile Safari — you'll be prompted to add it to Passbook.

Each card in Passbook is designed to show you essential information. Airline tickets have your flight number, your gate and the departure time. Gift cards show your current balance, vouchers show the expiration date, and nearly all passes have a scannable barcode so you don't need to worry about bringing along your paper tickets. To delete a card, press the info button in the lower right-hand corner and tap the trash can icon.

Get Notifications for Passes As You Need Them

When you bring up a pass, you can tap the info button in the lower right-hand corner to edit its preferences. Each card has two settings: First up is Automatic Updates, which allows Passbook to update your gift card balance, airline gate changes and other information. The second setting is Show On Lock Screen, which will give you notifications when it's time to use that card. If it's an airline or movie ticket, it will send you a notification based on the time. If it's a gift card or voucher, it will send you a notification based on your location. You can edit Passbook's notification settings under Settings > Notifications as you can with any other app. Some passes may even integrate with the Reminders and Calendar apps as well.

What Services Support Passbook?

Apple hasn't released a detailed list of services yet, but we have seen a few examples of Passbook integration, including Virgin Australia, Eventbrite and Apple's own retail stores. We suspect that a lot of services will be US-centric at first, but hopefully we'll start to see Passbook being integrated by Australian businesses. If you find a new supporting service or you've already tried using one, let us know how you go in the comments.


    Twitter TLs are full of Passbook not being able to connect with iTunes stores. Apple Discussions suggest that App developers haven't got their apps ready to be pushed through to Passbook. Bit of a #fail, but perhaps worth that little extra wait.

      I am not sure of the reason, but there seems to be an issue with some phones connecting to the passbook store when your phone is set to automatically update your time. If you disable automatic time in your iPhone time and date settings you will find that the passbook store will connect. Silly Apple.

        I was able to resolve the issue with Passbook not connecting to the store by unchecking AUTOMATIC UPDATE from Date and Time (Settings > General) and resetting it manually to 1 year in advance. Close that, reopen Passbook, and it should work. Once it works, you can set the time back to update Automatically.

      Oh really? Something that has just been released has some bugs? Are you new to owning modern technology?

    There's nothing there anyway except some dumb Nova app.

      Too true

    So I've recently booked some flights with Virgin Australia - should I be able to add my boarding pass to Passbook when I check in on the ol' mobile?

      When you get sent the flight reminder click on MOBILE checkin (not the web checkin) link - checkin and then it will say would you like to add it to passbook, and bam you have your boarding pass. It will be accessible from the lock screen on the day of departure.

        Passbook has been working for me for some time , but not working this week. I get the text message , but when I open the link it is not asking to load to pass book. Is there a setting needed or anyway to push something into passbook ?..

      I have seen a couple of people attempt to use their passbook ticket in the US, however i do not think the infrastructure has been completely implemented just yet. I guess there is never any harm in trying though....

    I've gotta say, I like the idea of being able to go onto the App Store and buy or download extension to Passbook. Perhaps Android needs to start doing that with it's Google Now system, so you can get cards appear when stuff happens.

    That, and Google Wallet support in Australia.

    The time zone thing worked but when I tap. APP STORE I get ShopperNova witha redeem button can't get past it- don't want it!

    hey guys i tried to work it out. i changed the "set automatically" off in the date and time settings but it again says cannot connect to itunes store. can someone help please?

    Flying with VA tomorrow, did the mobile check in tonight and bam, boarding pass in Passbook. Very cool. First thing I've liked about iOS 6 today.

    I've got MLB tickets for next week. How can I get one of them into passbook and just use my phone for admission?

    Got our Elton John tix from Ticketek into Passbook. Very cool!

    Still not working. Grrr I done the whole time resetting etc. still don't work. Sigh.

      Hi Did teh time thing no luck
      went and disabled restrictions then had no issues

    You also need to set the year to 2013 -see here

    Only ShopperNova available in Australia so far

    yes once you get the shoppernova app then what?? i just dont get the integration with passbook?

    I used the app and pressed AppStore but all it has is Shoppernover. Is that normal or is it a problem?plus I am using my new iPod and I got the IOS 6 update sois it something got to do with that?

    Ticketek has started using Passbook for there tickets

    Would love to use this but only get shopper nova - have tickets purchased in may with ticketmaster Jetstar and Ticketek - would love to have them on the phone - hope this gets sorted soon

    Moshtix is using passbook for concert tickets

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