Dock Your Laptop On Your Desk With A File Sorter

Laptop docks tend to be expensive. Just take a look at this beautiful but pricey BookArc. It seems Flickr user Kosuke Kato found a cheap and still elegant solution: just stick the laptop in a file sorter.

To be fair, you can't really tell what's holding the MacBook Pro in the above photo, but it reminds me a of a metal file sorter kind of like this one. (Alternatives: solid grey steel and metal mesh.) Most file sorters offer enough space to hold at least a thin laptop, if not a larger one, and if they're sturdy they should be able to support the weight. This seems like a really handy way to dock your laptop on your desk without breaking the bank.

My Desktop [Kosuke Kato on Flickr]


    A question to you all.
    I have my MacBook Pro connected to my external 27" screen, but if I close my MB and keep working just on the 27' screen my MB becomes very hot and the fan is blasting... I guess the MB is designed to be used open...
    Is anyone have issues with that too?

      MBP's use the keyboard bezel as a main source of heat dissipation, so yearh, using it closed will cause the fans to work harder as the cooler air is not present when its shut.

    This has always been a concern for me too which prevents me from using my laptop docked as shown here.

    Use MBP most of time with closed but fans only start when using resource intensive applications ie games! I guess that standing it up as per above photo might help dissipate heat.

    I will never run a laptop with a partially closed lid ever again, my old Compaq (Presario X1000 i think it was) got a damaged video card because it overheated (and it had a bad design), my dads Sony Vaio had the same problem (however sony sent someone out to replace parts despite it being out of warranty, this was in the USA as well).

    Even though Macs probably run cooler i still wouldn't do it.

    Plus id think you risk scratching your casing doing that.

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