Big G Black Bar Sorter Customises Google's Black Bar To Your Liking

Chrome: Google's black bar is a great way to navigate through all your favourite Google services, but you can't customise the order the apps appear in. Big G Black Bar Sorter lets you move around those links in any order you like.

The default sorting of the black bar on your Google services doesn't always make sense. For instance, you might check the News tab everyday, but it's hidden away under the More tab. Big G Black Bar Sorter gives you the option to move all those tabs around to your liking with a simple drag and drop function. You can pull tabs out of the More section, hide away tabs you never click, and make it easier to get where you want faster.

Big G Black Bar Sorter [Chrome Web Store via Ghacks]


    This needs to implemented as the default way the black bar works. I've been hunting for a simple way to do this. I hated having links to Google products I never used across the top in random order, while products I used daily were buried in the More menu.

    Good work.

    Finally, been wanting this feature ever since they implemented the black bar.

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