Does Your Mobile Phone Influence Your Sex Life?

Specifically: can you work out if someone is more likely to put out on the first date based on their smartphone? A survey of 1000 Canadian users suggests Android users top the ranks.

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The Vancouver Sun reports that the survey found Android users the most sexually open, with 62 per cent of Android users saying they had had sex on a first date, compared to 57 per cent for iPhone and 48 per cent for BlackBerry. The same ordering was evident when asked if they had ever had a one-night stand (55, 50 and 46 per cent respectively).

While this story has been reported on some sites as "Android users are sluts", it's worth noting that the question didn't ask "do you regularly have sex on the first date?" Perhaps the biggest takeaway is that there's roughly a one-in-two chance that your date is going to put out, so asking may not be as risky as you think.

Android users more likely to have sex on first date [The Vancouver Sun]


    That's a pretty awesome advertisement for android/linux.

    I propose a new motto: 'Open source opens legs.'

    You could possibly get a similar result by finding out the percentage of THOSE WHO WEAR RED that have sex on the first date. Regardless, there is still clearly a massive percentage (38%) of Android users who didn't say they had sex on a first date, rendering the survey pretty much pointless. If it was 90% of Android users and 10% of iPhone who "put out" then I'd find that a bit more interesting.

    They don't specify the gender of those surveyed. I would guess that even among IPhone users, the majority of males would be willing to put out on the first date, though they may prefer to leave their skivvies on.

    Android = geek = take any sex they can = first date

    I put these results down to sampling bias.
    Individuals on are likely more desperate for sex
    Those online who are answering a survey about smartphones and sex are more likely to be male and nerds

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