Australia: Two iPhones For Every Android

Australia: Two iPhones For Every Android

Here’s a statistic from Google’s recent survey into smartphone usage in Australia which the search giant understandably didn’t emphasise: if you own a smartphone, you’re twice as likely to have an iPhone as an Android device.

Of the 520 Australians who Google surveyed and who owned a smartphone, 49 per cent had purchased an iOS device. 25 per cent used Android (which Google develops). Symbian came in third place with 8 per cent, followed by Windows Phone 7 with 4 per cent and BlackBerry with 3 per cent. For 76 per cent of respondents, this was their first smartphone purchase.

Other local statistics suggest a different story. A study by Frost & Sullivan we reported on earlier this year suggested Android accounted for more than half the current smartphone market. There’s also broad agreement that the availability of cheaper Android models and competition between manufacturers is likely to give Android a long-term edge. Me, I’m all for healthy competition: domination by any single provider makes for less interesting products.


  • 520 people representing 22million? That’s not a survey. That’s a few hours in the Bourke St Mall or Martin Place, barely even a vox pop segment on tabloid news.

  • This is an interesting statistic (and probably wrong) – while agreed that the most popular handset is the iPhone, isn’t the most popular OS Android…?

    I think the comment should be rewritten: “If you are of the 520 people surveyed, you’re twice as likely to have an iPhone as an Android device.”

  • The whole point of statistics is you only need a relatively small sample to infer useful data about the population. This is, of course, if they did a proper randomly-selected sample. If all were done in one city street at lunchtime that would mean something less.

    • Not really? Small samples will never equal whole continents worth. Statistics says that yes, it is entirely possible that you can call 100 random people and have them all be males. Improbable, but possible. The likelihood of it being true for 520 people is even smaller, but with a population of 22 million it’s still possible. Small samples only show interesting facts about small samples and always will.

  • No surprise. A good majority of Australians are brainless sheep who just want the coolest and newest toy that their friends have. Give it time, and Android will catch up (or try interviewing a greater number of people from a wider range of locations and socio-economic backgrounds, then maybe statistics will differ!)

  • this will change now that Android is at the low end. Half this country is prepaid, so the OS share will flatten out. for a huge part of the market price is still the primary motivator of handset purchase.

  • im suprised, i dont know anyone who owns a iphone, but at least a dozen with an android. If i surveyed in the circle of people i hang around then it might be 99% andoid, 1% apple

  • Yes, small sample of 520 but there’s another issue.

    There is BIG difference between current installed user base, and sales market share.

    The simple fact is Apple had a near three year lead in the Australian market. That means massive market share = massive install base.

    It was only early-mid 2011that sales of Android overtook iPhone sales. Android is now selling at stores at a much greater rate than iDevices (as confirmed by numerous reports on the Oz market), but Android is still playing catchup on the installed base. It should not be long before the android install base surpasses iPhone.

    Dont get confused!!

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