Use Wikipedia For More Accurate Word Translations

Use Wikipedia For More Accurate Word Translations

Tools like Google Translate don’t always offer perfect translations, often because there’s no context. When you want a more accurate translation, use Wikipedia instead.One word can mean a lot of different things or have subtle nuances that translation tools just can’t pick up. Redditor dejust recommends turning to a more reliable source:

I found that dictionaries often offer too many choices and it’s hard to guess which is right in a particular context, especially if your language level is not very advanced. Also, translations might be rare on, say, scientific topics.

It won’t work for every possible word you want to translate, necessarily, but it should give you a much more accurate translation of certain terms and idioms that would have otherwise been hard to find.

LPT: If you need a “proper” translation of a term, look it up on Wikipedia and switch to the desired language. [Reddit]


  • I disagree. Anyone in the world can edit Wikipedia and Universities won’t allow student’s to reference Wikipedia for this very reason. It isn’t reliable.

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