Quickflix To Offer Pay-Per-View Streaming In 2012

Quickflix To Offer Pay-Per-View Streaming In 2012

Given the rubbish that shows up on commercial TV over summer, it’s no surprise that we see a lot of entertainment options rolling out this time of year. Hot on the heels of the ABC’s iView iPhone plans, Quickflix is also planning to start pay-per-view streaming of new release movies to PCs, consoles and TV sets early in the new year.

The obvious criticism of Quickflix’ recently launched WatchNow service is that while it offers a lot of movies, none of them are particularly new. At its AGM, Quickflix revealed that it plans to supplement the $14.99 all-you-can-eat service with pay-per-view options for new release titles. CEO Chris Taylor said the option will appear “early in the new year”.

No pricing was revealed, though it’s hard to imagine it being much different to the charges which apply on rival services such as FetchTV and BigPond Movies, where $5.99 is the norm.


  • I hope they take the opportunity and undercut the rivals with better pricing and provide more time and flexibility to watch pay per view rentals. There should also be timeframes when new movies become available on the unlimited plan. Having recently signed I have been dissapointed at the range and age of WatchNow streaming movies but have been told more would be added so this move is somewhat dissapointing. Whilst I’m at it what about an iPad app to watch Quickflix?

  • When Quicklix first offered the video streaming service I signed up but with only 300 movies and about 5% of them Hollywood flops Hudson Hawk springs to mine. I found the service disappointing but the streaming was very good you could pause, rewind and fast forward the movies. When Quickflix offers at least 3000 plus movies and no movie duds with them and a free TV series service, I will sign up again. But till then I will wait.

  • I am using Netflix (via proxy) and it is really good,. The videos stream smoothly and the selection is good. Some really good documentaries available. Hopefully Quickflix will up its game as I’d like to support a local company …

  • I was really looking forward to the Quickflix service. But if they charge $5.95 for a movie, there is no chance ill remain a member. This service is no different from fetch TV. To rent a movie from Quickflix costs the same as a bricks and mortar store. Really? Pull your bloody heads in.

  • Hi, just following up in response to some of the comments here. Firstly our launch range of movie titles for subscription streaming will most definitely increase. Whilst we believe in quality over quantity, the 200+ movie titles we’re starting with will increase– we’re committed to that. Secondly we’re introducing a PPV option in early 2012 for latest release streaming content because we recognise some consumers will prefer to access Quickflix content that way. Finally both our very affordable subscription streaming and PPV streaming sit on top of our online DVD rental service so we’re aiming to have all bases covered. Last Saturday I enjoyed streaming a Big Chill from Quickflix to my Mac whilst my daughter streamed Best in Show to her MacBook Pro at the same time. To do this plus unlimited viewing of the rest of the movies we host for only $14.99 per month we think is very good value….and this is just the start. So stay tuned folks.

    Stephen Langsford
    Founder, Quickflix

  • More interested in TV series and anime streaming than movies. There is nothing in the streaming pool that excites so will probably revert to Netflix or Amazon Prime. We aussies always get a bum deal. So much for a free trade agreement.

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