Officeworks Offering Free Wi-Fi In All Stores

Officeworks Offering Free Wi-Fi In All Stores

McDonald’s aside, free public Wi-Fi is still rare in Australia compared to other countries, so new options are welcome. Officeworks is now offering free Wi-Fi access in all its stores, which if nothing else gives you a potential way to look up cheaper options and then ask the staff to match the price.

The service requires a password login, but that’s the same across all stores so you can easily store it in your browser. As with most public Wi-Fi services, illegal content is blocked, and I’d guess torrents might be as well. In any event, you apparently can’t spend hours happily browsing the Web and downloading, as the terms of use make very clear:

To give everyone a chance to enjoy the service, Officeworks limits your internet connection time based on demand for the service. After a period of time has passed your device will be disconnected so others can gain access. If another session is available you can reconnect again by opening your browser and agreeing to the Terms of Use.

It’s not an option you’d use for serious working (or an emergency Skype video call), but as a quick-and-dirty way to get online it has potential.

Officeworks [via OzBargain]


  • This offer makes Officeworks look generous but it has no real value in that most people already have 3G on their device.

    I would put the Officeworks free wi-fi offer in the same category as offering free water.

  • I work at Officeworks and we’ve just had it installed last month. Torrents are blocked and it’s a G network but it works fine. SSID: “Officeworks Free Wifi”, Password: “freewifi”

    We have a few machines on the floor connected to the internet and are always happy for customers to search out competitors prices using a big screen and a proper browser, I installed chrome on ours. It’s biased coming from me but when we say lowest prices everyday we mean it, actually actively searching out and beating competitors prices. I should know, I’m always updating the prices when someone has a sale!

  • “people already have 3G on their device”

    so ? assuming you can still get 3G signal in most OW stores. i doubt if it is as fast as WIFI. Besides, why have the data count against your data cap if you can get it for free ? Free is free…hard to believe someone is still complaining.

  • Even though people have the internet on there phone, it can be hard, and take a while to search for something. Now that there is free wifi, you can connect using there laptop displays, connect, find a cheaper price much easier.

    I got ink from OfficeWorks that they sell for $280 – got it for $170 thanks to there 5%.

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