Hungry Jack's Also Has Free Wi-Fi (But Only In Victoria)


    The city store's wifi doesn't work with android phones, only iphones, which i can assume is the same in other stores

    LOL Iprimus

    What happened Internode? How did you drop the ball on this?

    Question is:
    Is it as useless as MacDonalds free wi-fi..??

    Mcdonalds ones worked for me last time on my galaxy tab.

    Up to 512Kb/s and maximum upload speeds of 128Kb/s with 14 users max, sounds pretty dodgy

    Hi guys...I have picked up your post.

    The Hungry Jack's FREE WiFi services in Swanston Street, Bunker Hill, RMIT and Bourke Street were a trial and remain in trial status - they are not impemented with the full Primus Managed WiFi service feature set - very basic. There are pending announcements in the coming weeks. Interesting to hear that a users Android O/S is not working on the trial sites - is this still the case? 20 users with speed up to 1Mbps -speed dependent on km from the exchange.

    It's in all their stors now, not just Victoria. I think Victoria was a test market.

    hungry jacks mentone/parkdale does NOT do wi-fi. They claim it's a it's up to the manager? very disappointed. should have done better research.

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