Name Your Favourite Obscure Hackable Gadgets

Name Your Favourite Obscure Hackable Gadgets

We love hacking gadgets, but few great opportunities have come up on our radar lately so we thought we’d ask you for some suggestions. What are your favourite lesser-known, hackable gadgets?

Photo by Natalie.

We’re talking about things like the Pogoplug, which can be turned into a fully-featured Linux web server. It’s cheap to buy and a project that pretty much anyone could accomplish over the weekend. If you know of a good project like that, or have an idea for a currently un-hacked gadget that could make a good project, let us know in the comments. ((And let’s steer clear from the obvious stuff like hackintoshing, rooting, jailbreaking and the like.)


  • The only thing I can think of that I’ve seen done really well is taking a PC with MAME installed, fitting the monitor into a table-top style arcade machine and wiring up the coin slot so that it detects coins being inserted for credits on the games. My brother did this a few years back..

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