What's Your Favourite Life-Hacking Item?

Here at Lifehacker, we love finding clever new uses for old things or versatile household objects. What's your favourite hack?

Picture: puuikibeach/Flickr

What common object to you turn to when you need to solve a simple problem with a little creativity? Binder clips? Toothpicks? Or something we haven't thought of? Let us know in the comments.


    Duct tape and WD40. Do you need anything else?

    When I'm working at the computer I use my Nerf gun as a wife repellant. Well I did until she got her own.

      get the Nerf belt fed machine gun & replace the batteries with an RC battery back, that thing will rock "n" roll, keeps my missus out off the computer room... :)

    Has to be my phone. It revolutionised the way I live. Appointments, meetings, tasks and contacts are all synched through gmail/calendar from my laptop.

    Otherwise... Duct tape. I love duct tape *evil laugh*

    Last edited 09/05/13 1:18 pm

    Cable Ties, blu tac & superglue, that shit will fix anything...

    My favourite tool, which seems to have lost popularity these days, is a proofreader.

    Fridge whiteboards. One as a calendar, one for budgeting & meal planning

      You know you can write directly on the fridge with a whiteboard marker, right?

    LeatherMan (this one http://www.leatherman.com/product/Wave)
    Use it to cut DuctTape, Cable ties, etc etc
    I actually need this more than the phone......

      I Carry my Leatherman Charge everywhere and use it daily.

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