Carefully Peel A 9V Battery To Find Smaller Batteries Inside

If you've ever gotten into electronics hacking, you've probably had the illusion of most gadgets ruined for you. For example, 9V batteries are basically just six AAAA batteries taped together. As Reddit user usgiorgi points out, many larger store bought batteries contain a collection of smaller batteries. For manufacturing reasons this makes sense. It's also handy if you're building a project and need to tweak your power source.

The rest of the components are also handy. Reddit user CaptainKozmoBagel points out that you can salvage the top of a dead 9V battery to make a new 9V connecter with just a bit of wire. Keep in mind, that you shouldn't tear into just any old battery. Lithium ion batteries (like the kind in your phone) can explode if you try to open them up. 9V batteries, though, are pretty safe to tear down.

if you need a new 9v connector, just solder an old 9v's top up to the leads. [Reddit]


    Better than the last battery article, this one has a warning message.
    Last one was 'throw batteries at the ground and wall to recharge them'
    I would only suggest this under the supervision of an adult or by an adult as the warning messages on batteries arnt just for show

    Awesome - cheap AAAA batteries - I get all my AAA batteries from 6v batteries for cheap check this out now let me find all my gadgets that use AAAA batteries - oh wait stop I don't have any.

    btw if you really need 9v battery connectors you can get 10 for $1 from ebay

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    They're not always like that. I used to take them apart as a kid, and would find a stack of (probably) 6 rectangular cells, one on top of the other. Wikipedia backs me up.

      Yes. Although battery types vary these days mercury, zinc, alkaline. Your non rechargable types (primany) have a nominal voltage of 1.5v hence why those batteries revolve around those voltages. 1.5, 6 ,9 etc batteries. Pull a 3volt battery apart you will find 2 cells in them.
      Not quite what the article says 6 aaaa batteries. But 6 cells.

    Whoa! Learn something new everyday.

    Be careful, not all of them use that construction. Some, Varta for example, use a stacked cell construction.

    Awesome, aaaa batteries are the type that Surface pens use :D.

    also, crack open an A23 (used in older car remotes) battery and it consists of 8 button cell batteries.

    or crack open SOME 6v lantern batteries ( the ones for dolphin torches with springs on top) and they have an assortment of D or similar size batteries inside depending on the brand.

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