Leave A Treat On Friday To Make Monday Better

Leave A Treat On Friday To Make Monday Better

If you’re the type who just can’t get rolling on Mondays, or on any workday for that matter, the folks at Reddit have a couple of tips to help ease you into the workweek. One of them that we found particularly interesting is to give yourself an incentive with a treat waiting for you at your desk for Monday.

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While we’re a little late for this week, it might be worth considering for next Monday. Redditor DosGuru proposes leaving yourself a snack, or anything that you know will make your Monday morning back at work a little easier and happier. He also suggests laying out your clothes on Sunday night to make the morning easier (I do this for entire weeks — Oz ed), and cleaning up your desk on Friday afternoon. We’d take that a step further and suggest doing your weekly review on Fridays so you have a clean end-point to the week and a well-defined starting point on Monday.

Check out the link below for more tips to make your Mondays a little easier. Do you have anything special you do to ease into the workweek? Share your tips in the comments below.

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