Start Your Work Week On Sunday To Improve Productivity

Start Your Work Week On Sunday To Improve Productivity

If you have the option, productivity blog Stepcase Lifehack argues that changing your work week from Sunday to Thursday will make you more productive. You will be able to ease back into your work week and take care of tasks without constant interruption on Sundays. As Fridays tend to be unproductive anyway you’ll get ahead of your coworkers.

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Why do so many people hate Monday mornings? Not only do you have to get back into your weekday work routine all at once, you also have to catch up on any work communications and activity that happened over the weekend. Also you can’t sleep-in on Monday mornings, so your body quickly goes into commute and work mode as soon as you wake up, which can be a source of stress.

If you work for yourself or can negotiate your schedule, beginning your work week on Sunday allows you to sleep in, gradually ease into your work, and get a lot of tasks accomplished if you don’t normally receive calls and emails on Sundays. When you return to the office on Monday morning you’ll have a jump-start on your coworkers and will already be in your work routine.

Of course, if everyone switched their work week to start on Sunday the usual unproductive Monday and Friday cycle would repeat itself one day earlier, but as that is unlikely to happen you might be able to take advantage of this time-shift to get more done.

Get the Most Out of Your Week by Starting it on Sunday [Stepcase Lifehack]


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