Unroll.me Dumps Email Subscriptions With One Click (And We’ve Got Invites)

Got a lot of email newsletters or other subscriptions clogging up your inbox? You could click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each or use a new free service, Unroll.me, that can handle unsubscribing to all of them at once.

Currently in beta, Unroll.me works with Gmail, Windows Live Mail and Yahoo! Mail. It crawls through your email inbox then presents you with a list of all your subscriptions. Select the ones you don’t want to receive anymore, click Unsubscribe, and Unroll.me handles the rest.

In my test, Unroll.me found what seemed like a hundred subscriptions — some of which I don’t even remember signing up for and others I’ve just been too lazy to unsubscribe to. The service worked as promised: After checking off the ones I no longer wanted, I got email confirmations from those newsletters that I was unsubscribed. A few required further action (the sites, awfully, required a login for unsubscribing), so for those Unroll.me provided the link to take care of it.

One thing to note is that after clicking the fifth subscription you want to unsubscribe from, you’ll be prompted to refer friends to unsubscribe to the rest in bulk. You can do the referral via email (to five friends), send a tweet, or post a Facebook message.

Lifehacker readers who use the link below will get priority for the beta invites. Unroll.me will be sending them out in batches, though, so please be patient. You’ll be rewarded with a tidier inbox as a result.


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