Unroll.me Cleans Up Your Inbox On The Go

Webapp Unroll.me already keeps your inbox nice and tidy by automatically organising your subscriptions and unsubscribing you from newsletters. Now the service has updated with a new UI, full support for Yahoo mail, more control over what email is added to your rollup and what lands in your inbox, and a mobile friendly interface for managing your email on the go.

The new layout gives you much more control over your individual subscriptions, and some of the bugs in the previous design have been ironed out. Switching between your rollup and your subscriptions is simple, and one click shows you what's destined for your inbox and what Unroll.me automatically organises. There's also a new archive feature that lets you go back over previous days' rollups, and you can get a preview of tomorrow's rollup before it even lands. If you have a stubborn newsletter that won't let you unsubscribe, you can even forward it to Unroll.me and the service will unsubscribe for you.

The new UI is also mobile-friendly, meaning you can view your rollups and the messages inside on your phone or tablet as well as on the desktop without having to zoom and scroll all over the screen. Also, Unroll.me now supports Yahoo Mail as well as Gmail and Google Apps. It's still free, and still works like a charm. Hit the link below to try it out.



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