OneReceipt Tracks All Your Purchases

OneReceipt is a hub for every receipt in your life, whether it's in your email account, saved as a PDF, or in paper form. It will ll help you track them all easily and with the minimal amount of effort, making it simple to both keep and analyse a comprehensive purchase history.

What Does It Do?

OneReceipt works by first connecting to your email accounts to pull any receipts it can find. (Currently only Gmail and Yahoo! are supported.) It'll take some time to process, but you can see the results as it builds them. You'll get an overview of all your purchases that you can browse in chronological order, filter on a variety of criteria, and search. OneReceipt also provides analytics so you can see your spending month-to-month and where that money went.

On top of all that, you can add paper receipts as well. OneReceipt provides you with a personal email address which you can use to forward electronic and paper receipts for processing. You can also use that email address when you provide your contact information to a company. This way you don't have to give out your real email address. OneReceipt will know the different between messages from you and messages from other people, and so those other messages will be stored in a special section of the site. All of this makes it a really handy online and offline shopping companion.

Wait, This Sounds Familiar...

If any of this sounds familiar, that's because OneReceipt is similar to previously mentioned Slice. Slice also pulls receipts from your email and creates a purchase history. OneReceipt is a better option in that department because it takes the concept a bit further, but Slice has one handy feature that OneReceipt doesn't: package tracking (though that's less useful for most Aussie readers). Slice also provides notifications for when a price drops and you are still within a price adjustment window from a particular merchant.

Since there's really no harm in using both, that's what I'm doing at the moment. OneReceipt is where I'll go for my receipts and spending analysis. (Turns out I did a good job of cutting back this year, woo hoo!) Slice is where I'll go for package tracking, since it pulls everything from my email so I don't even have to bother entertaining tracking numbers. It'd be great if both web apps were one and the same, but for now they're similarly useful in conjunction.

One Receipt [via Coolhunting]


    And once Google Wallet is more adopted, this will be useless.

    Just thinking about that this morning. I'm using ANZ money manager even tho i use NAB. Everything i buy online is tracked, every time i use the nfc chip in the credit card to pay for something its tracked but when i get cashout to pay for something the info gets lost. So i guess scanning Receipts with these applications would get around that? or is that too much trouble?

    Does Google Wallet allow scanned receipts (or manually entered items) otherwise I would still have the same problem.

    I recently signed up for OneReciept as Google Wallet is not available yet in Australia.

    So I set up my OneReceipt account on Gmail, but only to discover that the App Store on my iPhone here in Australia simply could not find the OneReceipt app which I need to be able to take the photos of the receipts.

    Does anyone know if there is a work around, an I missing something? Any advice would be much appreciated.

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