Lemon Is A Free Receipt-Tracking Tool For Mobile And Web

iOS/Android: Keeping track of receipts can be a pain, but Lemon simplifies the process by allowing you to scan in receipts and track your purchases from your phone or online.Lemon works in a similar way to Shoeboxed, but with a simplified interface geared more toward personal tracking of finances and expenses on the go. You can scan in any receipts from your Android or iOS phone, and review detailed information about your purchases directly from the app or online. You can also link multiple phones to one account if you're tracking receipts for more than one person. The service breaks down your receipts by the purchase price, tax rate and expense type. You can view a simple graph of your purchases by month from the web app or your phone.

Lemon is a bit simpler than Shoeboxed, but if you're looking for an app to keep track of receipts and nothing else, it works well and it's free.

Lemon [via The Next Web]


    It is free, but very limited in what it can do. For just one cent under $10 a month, (or $99 per annum), you can get all the functions described above. For an average home user that becomes expensive. I will stick with Quicken for my financial records.

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