Is A $5 A Month Mobile Phone Worth It?

TeleChoice is offering a $5 a month SIM plan with a basic mobile phone included. Is that a worthwhile deal?

For your $5 a month on a 12 month contract, you can choose from the Samsung E3210 or E2230 model. Apart from the phone itself (both are are base-level dumbphones), you get $5 of credit for use on Optus.

On a 12-month contract for $60, this seems like a cheap deal for a basic kids' phone or spare model. But there's a big catch: you won't get a lot of calls out of it. With a 35 cent flag fall and a 90 cent per minute rate, it seems much more suited for emergency use. Even texts cost 50 cents each, so you'll only be able to send one every three days on the included credit.

You can make five minutes of free calls a day to other Optus services connected to the account, which could make it an emergency option for a young child. But given how many other sub-$100 phones are out there, I suspect there are better value deals for anyone who actually wants to use their phone and not just use it in dire emergencies.

Telechoice: E2230, E3210


    Just buy the phone direct from Optus for $26.10 ( and go on LiveConnected's $5 plan. Plus, the Optus offer includes free thongs right now - supposedly valued at $20, so the phone is essentially free anyway.

    are not Telechoice actually crediting the $5 onto your account which in effect makes this FREE?!

    Especially for country areas, it is possible to have a $60 prepaid Telstra NextG which lasts 12 months thus effectively $5 a month, depending upon use. It would be good to see some competition in the country regions for good phone coverage.

    You might as well spend an extra $1.33 per month, and go on the $19 Simple plan which it has 90 days expiry

    100mb of data, 15cent calls billed per min, no flagfee, and 15 cent texts - a much better alternative.

    Only thing is, you don't get the phone - but with contracts expiring ever 2 years, I am sure someone has a spare phone.

    TPG's mobile offer seems like a better deal. $1/month plus pay-for-what-you-use, 150MB of data, 10 cent flagfall, 10c/minute call rate, 10 cent SMS. It's a SIM-only plan -- you need to acquire your own phone -- but at the rate people upgrade their phones, you can easily grab a used freebie from a friend.

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