Evernote Releases Two New Apps, Food And Hello

Evernote Releases Two New Apps, Food And Hello

Evernote Food is designed to let you relive all of your favourite meals by tracking them. The purpose stretches from there, letting you catalogue custom recipes, record food experiences and manage your diet by giving you a longview of all the food you eat throughout the day.

Evernote Hello seems a bit more useful to the business world, essentially tracking the details of meeting a new person. When you meet someone, you can hand your phone to them and allow them to create a quick, basic profile to help you remember them in the future. The app also tracks your location and time, which might prove a useful reminder to remembering why or how you met someone.

Both apps sync directly to your Evernote account and are free downloads in the iTunes App Store.

Our New App, Evernote Hell, Will Help You Remember People, Remember the Food and Meals You Love With Evernote Food [Evernote Blog]

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