CC:To Me Is A Simple Way To Email Yourself

cc:to me is really handy bookmarklet for sending yourself any kind of web content: whole articles, images, or text snippets. All you have to do is drag whatever you want to the bookmarklet form and click the send button.

To get started, sign up with your email address. You'll get a link to your secret account page for later editing the email address or add multiple email addresses to forward some notes to other email recipients.

Then drag the bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar and next time you're on a website you want to email something from, drag and drop to send it, original format preserved and all. cc:to me will even include the website link in the email.

With the use of Gmail's (or your other email program's) filters, you can further categorise your notes. It's a pretty powerful and nifty little utility.

cc:to me


    I've been leaving links in a gmail draft for years. Thank you!

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