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If you're new to building web apps, check out the first issue of You Got This! a friendly zine from developer community Glitch. The issue teaches the basic concepts behind web servers, and the npm package manager for Javascript. It also features career profiles of three community-leading web developers, and blurbs of advice from a dozen more developers from places such as Google, Mozilla and Slack.

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Google isn't the only company creating useful apps for the web. There are plenty of great online resources not made in Mountain view, provided you know where to look. Here are 12 of our favourite online apps and websites that are worth collecting in your browser's bookmarks, ready to go at a moment's notice, to convert files, enhance photos, make GIFs, pick colours, transfer documents and more besides.


If you use the favourite function on Twitter to save the best tweets, you may have found you've overdone it to the point it's useless. To go back and unfavorite tweets on Twitter takes a lot of time, but Unfavinator speeds up the process.


When EB Games took pre-orders for the Nintendo Mini NES Classic earlier this week, the website crashed under the sheer volume of traffic from eager buyers. This happened two days in a row, leaving a mob of angry customers in its wake. With all the hype around the classic console, you'd think EB Games would have expected the level of traffic to its online store and worked to ensure its website was reliable. We take a look at where EB Games might have gone wrong and what businesses can learn from this debacle.