Build A Smartphone Projector On The Cheap

Build A Smartphone Projector On The Cheap

Projectors can be expensive, but if you’re looking to build one for your smartphone without spending a lot of cash, Instructables user iamaledgend put one together for about a dollar.Using a magnifying glass, a shoebox, tape and Lego, you can set your phone inside the box, seal it up and watch as it’s displayed on your wall. The image flips when it goes through the magnifying glass, so you’ll need to make sure you lock the rotation on your phone if it has an accelerometer. It won’t work for movies with subtitles, as the words will be flipped backwards and you’re not going to get the same high quality image you get with a store bought projector, but it’s cheap alternative for those looking to watch a few movies.

How to make a projector for your iPod/iPhone for about a $1 [Instructables]


  • I was expecting this to be a re-tasking of an old phone’s LCD screen with a high powered lamp behind it..
    Surely the brightness from an LCD/OLED screen is far too low to make a useful or even discernable projection?
    As per the single comment on Instructables… Where’s the “photo of the projection?”

  • Will have to set this up a bit different, to project onto the roof so if I get a message while asleep it will turn on the screen and project on the roof.

    Then if its important didn’t get up for no reason.

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