Turn Your Wall Into A DIY Projector Screen

We've featured DIY projector screens before, but as DIY projects go they can still get a bit pricey. If you have a nice, flat wall, you can use this method to create a great screen on the cheap.

YouTube DIYer LouTube222 demonstrates the process in the video above. Essentially, you just paint your wall really white and create a wood and velvet frame to add a border. This gives the illusion of an actual screen fixed to your wall with far less stuff to build and mount. Pretty cool!

A fifty-dollar project screen you can be proud of [Hack-a-Day]


    Or just convince the wife to have a white feature wall. Worked for me!

      I find that a screen with a dark border helps you focus on the picture and makes it nicer to watch, horses for courses though.

    I have done this and it works well, I used dulux silk paint in un-tinted white and used some velvet tape from ebay, all up it cost less than $50 and just took some measuring and time to complete.

    The problem with using wall paint for a projector screen is that it doesn't reflect light evenly, and even if you roll it on the surface isn't going to be very smooth. So you end up with a big bright spot on the screen, and a textured effect over the whole image. A proper screen uses micro-beads that reflect light back evenly and directly, and gives you a much brighter image all in all. You get what you pay for.

    A 'bright white' wall is not what you want really. The darker the tint of the screen the darker your blacks will be. (try painting half the screen to see how better it is)
    You will not really see the difference in colour (to the rest of the wall, assuming it white) due to the border.
    Always use a matte paint, and feel free to give it a gentle sanding once done to really kill any shiny spots.
    Always mount the projector first getting the image the size/shape needed and then make the frame.

    There is a special projector paint that you can buy for the wall surface, it is still white but have no glare and it is thicker so it can create a flatter/smoother surface if the substrate that it applies on is pretty flat and in good condition.

    Simple, yet effective! I am going to get the white paint this afternoon!

    Yeah, but I want a triangle shaped screen that'll let a bit of light in during winter...with a shrubbery at the bottom.

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    Buy a projector screen. Remove the material from the hardware and mount it to you wall.
    Then add the border if you want one.
    Real screens do look a lot better than painted walls due to the even reflection.

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