Ask LH: How Can I Post To Facebook, Twitter And Google+ Simultaneously?

Ask LH: How Can I Post To Facebook, Twitter And Google+ Simultaneously?

Dear Lifehacker, I’m getting a bit overwhelmed with all these social networks, and I really don’t feel like posting manually to each one every time. I know there are a lot of apps for updating Facebook, Twitter and Google+ at the same time, but which ones are the best? Sincerely, Social Stress

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Dear Stress,

You aren’t kidding. There are a lot of apps out there that sync Facebook with Twitter, or Google+ with Twitter and Facebook, but it seems like we gain one and lose three every couple of weeks. Right now, there are a few services we definitely think are a cut above the rest, though, so here are your options.

Share To Twitter And Facebook

If you’re only a Twitter and Facebook user, you have a few apps to choose from. Obviously, the official Twitter app for Facebook is always a good choice. It stays updated since it’s made by Twitter, but be forewarned it will send every tweet you make to Facebook (excluding replies). That means if you tweet a lot, you could really annoy your Facebook friends.

TweetDeckfavourite Twitter client for Windows

Alternatively, the Selective Tweets app for Facebook can get the job done without a separate app. Just append the #fb hashtag to any tweet you want sent to Facebook, and it will show up on your Facebook profile as well (without the #fb hashtag). Since this is connected to your Facebook account, it also works for anything you tweet from your phone, which is nice.

you can use the awesomeifttt

Share to Twitter, Facebook And Google+

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these instructions

These aren’t the only services out there, but they are definitely the best we’ve found. You have a lot of browser extensions you could use, too, but none seem to be better than the above services, and they require you to use a certain browser (not to mention they won’t work from your phone). Hopefully this helps you find a service that’s right for you.


P.S. Do you have a favourite that we missed? Let us know about it in the comments.

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  • PublishSync works pretty seamlessly, works from each individual service and allows you to choose which services to cross-post to.
    As for mobiles, I wish they would update tweetdeck, replacing the redundant Buzz with G+, but now it is owned by Twitter that probably isn’t going to happen.

  • How about just buying a Windows Phone.

    Hook your accounts up and you can post to all with a single update. Facebook, MSN, Twitter, Linked In. Done. Easy. Not sure why no one else has this feature yet?

    • +1. Completely effortless to share whatever with as many (or few) of your social networks as you want from within WP7.5

      Apps, schmapps!

      The single gripe I have is that when you post a photo it appears as a link (to your SkyDrive) on your FB wall rather than as a photo in itself.

  • I joined Twitter so I could follow people that didn’t use Facebook. What I want is something that can take Tweets from people I follow and whack them in my Facebook newsfeed so I don’t have to go to Twitter to see them. Haven’t found anything yet, although I hear the HTC’s(?) with Android have a native widget that does a pretty good job consolidating both feeds.

  • No but is it possible to send RSS feeds to G+ yet now the G+ API is out?

    I know you can do the reverse but that’s not what I’m looking for.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    • I multipost all the time because I’m trying to reach all my followers across different social networks. I’m not alone in this. I admit it is annoying to see a post from someone multiple times if you follow them on G+ and Twitter, for instance. That’s one of the prices you pay for being well-connected, IMHO.

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