What Lesser-Known Web Apps Help You Get Things Done?

There are a lot of awesome web apps that help us get things done every day, but many are still fairly unknown because of that vast number. Do you use any productivity-boosting web apps that most people don't know about? If you do, we want to hear about them.

To offer up one of our own, we've just started using Trello to keep track of the ideas we brainstorm together every day. It also lets us track which ideas get turned into posts, have a conversation about our ideas, and more. That's because it's particularly flexible and can basically adapt to whatever kind of project you want to manage. How about you? What lesser-known web app helps you get things done?


    Running out of ideas for article do ya LH?

    Anyway - i'll bite. Mine that seldom got attention by others is Australian Looking Glasses - http://www.ausnog.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=58:australian-looking-glasses&catid=36:ausnog-resources-routing&Itemid=66.

    Probably similar to other international networking tools, however this Aussie sets good to localised problem, especially if your company dealing a lot with overseas network/data centers.

    We use http://asana.com/ it's a lot like Trello but found it had more features without the clutter you'd expect.

    Productivewebapps.com has a whole list of lesser-known web apps. The site is only new but they're posting up loads of great apps!

    One of my favouite lesser known is http://www.worldtimebuddy.com/ SImple and very useful if you work with people overseas!

    http://productivewebapps.com Sorry should've posted the link.

    I use both http://asana.com and www.worldtimebuddy.com

    Both are amazing tools, only recently got onto Asana with its public release - whilst there are some points to be improved I've now completely replaced http://www.rememberthemilk.com with it.

    Started using Trello also just this week and liking the flexibility so far. I'm also using it to compile my Xmas list and love that I can easily have all the bits and pieces on there. For those interested I'd suggest giving it a shot. I've been trying all sorts of apps for ages and think I might see where they go with Trello. Personally I think the greater the ability to use your brain the better - I don't like the ones where you have to train your brain in order to use it. A good app should work with you. Trello is doing that for me so far.

    OK so I've just finished work on a little tool for running better meetings - http://meetingticker.com

    The idea is fairly basic. Create your agenda with associated times in minutes, then Meeting Ticker keeps you on track! Looking for feedback from anyone who uses it.

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