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How To Manoeuvre Through A Crowd

I have pee anxiety. If I’m left with limited options for a toilet I’ll suddenly feel the urge to go – even if I don’t need to. It’s psychological and it’s taught me a great deal about getting through a crowd when all seems hopeless.

Help Teens De-Stress With These ‘Getting Things Done’ Hacks 

Being a teenager in 2018 — I don’t know how it’s done. Imagine having the same list of pressures that you had as a high school kid — school, extracurriculars, chores, a social life often filled with angst — and then adding on the constant pull of social media, alerting…

The Best Productivity System Is The One You Can Trust

If your productivity system isn’t one that you can trust to actually help you work, it’s no good. In a recent post at the GTD blog, David Allen explains why it’s so important for your productivity system to trustworthy, or you’ll wind up putting more effort into the system than…