Three Easy And Cheap Ways To Increase Your Home’s Security

Three Easy And Cheap Ways To Increase Your Home’s Security

You want to protect your home, and the people and things within it, but a paid-for alarm system is outside your budget. Don’t worry: there are several inexpensive ways to make your home less attractive to thieves.

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Warning Signs

The “my scary dog can run faster than you” sign may be one of the most effective theft deterrents, other than — or in addition to — actually owning a scary dog. (Even a small dog prone to barking helps, though.) Regular “beware of dog” signs work too, especially if you add some additional supporting evidence of dog ownership, like leaving a dog bowl outside by your side door.

In lieu of actually signing up for a home security system, you could also just buy the decals and signs from eBay or elsewhere, writes reddit user rehdit.

Put On A Light Show

Motion-detector lights which turn on automatically if someone triggers them on the perimeter of your home are inexpensive and don’t use a lot of energy.

Inside, when you’re away on holiday, use a random timer on your indoor lights or TV. You could also leave the radio on all day for long day trips.

Clear Your Landscaping

The more open and exposed your home is, the less attractive it is to burglars. Tall bushes and trees, especially those close to the door and windows, give burglars great cover, so look to keeping thief-hiding landscape to a minimum.

Those are just three cheap ways to make your home more secure. Got any tips of your own?


  • Yeah, Just leave the garage door and all the windows open. Burglar thinks you are home and doesn’t come in. Anyone willing to go ‘home invasion’ on me can do so when I’m not there.

  • I had a uni friend who lived in the most unbelievably insecure share house I’d ever seen, un-lockable no flyscreen and alway open windows, 4 doors all of which were never locked, and everyone in the house had unusual schedules so you never knew when they were going to be home. Needless to say, they never got robbed despite the 10K+ of AV equipment they had lying around in plane sight through the windows.

    Then again, I’ve have had another friend who had his living room ransacked at 2am while his group from uni was sleeping on the couch after a hard night of burning the midnight oil! And this was in a secure complex in the CBD! They had all of their laptops and phones stolen the day before an assignment was due, and to add insult to injury they heard the guy come in but thought it was another one of the housemates, unlucky souls..

    I’d almost say a obviously level of insecurity acts as a pretty good theft deterint.

  • Beware the “Beware of the Dog” sign if you do actually have a pooch. You’re effectively admitting that your dog is dangerous, and if someone gets bitten (no matter whether they should be on your property or not)… well, it’s not going to help matters in court. Mileage may vary according to where you reside, of course.

  • My friend had “beware of dangerous dog” sign on her front gate to deter intruders. She had no dog. Energy company man refused to enter the property to read her meter so they “guessed” at her consumption, which was way higher than actual. After phoning to question the reason for the large bill she has since removed the sign.

  • I have attended numerous burglaries over the years (No prizes for guessing what I do for a living) and I can honestly say that there is no hard and fast rule for stopping a burglary short of a complete fort knox approach. You can however reduce your chances of being selected by a burglar.
    – Motion Sensors.
    – A LOUD alarm system that is activated on entry.
    – Locks on gates to front courtyard of rear yard.
    – If your house backs on to parkland, ensure you draw the blinds to stop offenders viewing your precious goods and making the choice easy for them.
    – Keep your garden shed or garage secure.

    I cant stress the last point enough, I see countless burglaries where the offender has simply walked into the backyard as the gate wasn’t locked, grabbed a screwdriver and pried off the window.

    Hope these tips help.

  • This sounds like a great idea especially if you have some lights that are sitting around in storage. Otherwise, I think purchasing the materials from your nearest hardware store shouldn’t burn a hole in your wallet either!

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