Telstra Planning All-You-Can-Watch Rental Downloads

Telstra Planning All-You-Can-Watch Rental Downloads

Last week, Quickflix announced the first Netflix-like service for Australia, letting you watch as many movies as you like for a flat monthly fee. Unsurprisingly, its major competitor Telstra also wants a slice of that business, and says it will have a similar offering in early 2012.

Telstra has long offered movies for rental via its BigPond Movies service, but only on a pay-per-title basis. At the company’s Christmas media briefing today, IPTV director Ben Kinealy said that it was likely Telstra would introduce a similar arrangement in early 2012:

We’re working on a range of expansions to the business model. Right now we have a great pay-per-view service, but we’ll be expanding the category dramatically and we’ll be expanding the business model. We are going to be looking at bringing those types of things and some other business models to BigPond Movies. We are working on a proposition with the studios as we speak. We believe we can have a substantially better offer than our competition, and we continue to look at other opportunities in the market.

The obvious advantage Telstra has in this space is that it can ensure movie downloads aren’t counted against download caps, and can bundle the offer with other services. The disadvantage is that it might choose to tie that deal to long-term contracts particular hardware such as the T-Box. The T-Box is certainly Telstra’s focus for the rest of the year, with a promotional offer of $200 worth of movie credits (to be spent over six months) for customers who sign up for a $109 per month bundle including home phone and broadband services.

The Foxtel via T-Box service is also being rolled out to ADSL customers across all capital cities (it’s already on offer in Sydney and Melbourne). According to Kinealy, 214,000 of the devices have been sold so far.

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  • Very interested in this, Have long been waiting for an Australian offering similar to netflix, and now I’ll seemingly have two 😀

    As Macca said, sh*t got very interesting indeed.

  • I know it’s pretty early days for the Telstra offering, but I’m still keen to find out what content will be on offer over these services. $14.99 a month is very tempting to get a decent VOD service, but so long as the content is up to scratch, I’m not keen on watching the C-grade crap sequels hollywood spits out every second day.

  • I’m interested in Quickflix’s offering as well, and now this has come up with Telstra, as Macca said sh*t has indeed got interesting! My hope would be that they offer better then the drivel they have on Foxtel at the moment. Good movies, decent prices & not ages after they’ve come out at the Cinema. (Oh, in Full HD as well ?)

  • I’ve had T-Box on cable for a month and not all that impressed. Billing got screwed up. Many hours of talking to offshore call centers. $5.99 movie hire is a bit expensive and several times the movie expired before I could watch it (they give you 7 days to start watching then 48 hours to finish). Movie playback pauses up to 4 times for several seconds during watching. Very annoying. In hindsight I should have ordered the whole package over the phone rather than relying on the internet. The Foxtel over T-Box service only gives a limited 30 channel subset of the full Foxtel channel range so make sure they provide the channel you want.

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