SleepPhones Let You Listen To Music Through A Headband

Headphones aren't exactly easy to sleep in. If you turn over, they jut into your ears, fall out or are just too darn big. SleepPhones put your music in a soft headband that you can comfortably wear in bed.

SleepPhones are lightweight, washable and removable from the fleece headband, and they even come with a sleep CD for those of you that prefer to fall asleep to relaxing sounds instead of music. They also contain only one cord, which is still a bit of a pain, but much less so than the split cables of traditional headphones. Sure, it looks a little silly, but it sure hurts a lot less than actual headphones. They aren't the only kind of sleep-friendly headphones on the market, but they do look like the most comfortable. Plus, if you already have a similar product, you can probably DIY the headband together yourself for a more comfortable fit. The SleepPhones run for about $US40.

SleepPhones [via Reddit]


    I've had a pair of these for a couple of years now and they're one of the best things I've ever bought. My partner is a very light sleeper but I need podcasts or music to help me fall asleep, so I use these to listen to them without waking him up. They're also great to use for sleeping on planes. They have a SleepPhones website, and I've also seen them on Amazon and ThinkGeek.

    thanks Ali - I've looked at these and wondered if they'd be any good

    These look amazing. Purchased two pairs (one for mum for Christmas).
    I cannot sleep without listening to something and it annoys my girlfriend no end sometimes. It should help her to sleep too!

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