Quickly Break In A New Pair Of Shoes With Rubbing Alcohol

Quickly Break In A New Pair Of Shoes With Rubbing Alcohol

If that fancy new pair of shoes is giving your feet a hard time, you can break them in quicker than usual with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

Photo by Robert S. Donovan.

Obviously, the best way to break in shoes is to wear them around–the fabric will naturally stretch and crease where it needs to. However, if you’d rather avoid the blisters and pain that often come with breaking in new shoes, you can expedite the process with some rubbing alcohol. WikiHow explains:

Make a spray of 50 per cent rubbing alcohol and 50 per cent water in a spray bottle. Spray the inside of each shoe and wear for about 20 minutes. An alternative to this is to simply rub alcohol directly onto the parts of the shoe requiring stretching; put the shoe or boot on while still wet, as the alcohol will dry quickly. Another variation is to take a pair of cotton socks, soak them in rubbing alcohol and squeeze out the excess. Then put on the socks and wear with the shoes until the alcohol dries. Repeat several times if necessary.

It isn’t the only method of breaking in new shoes (we’ve mentioned another method using a hairdryer before, but the above trick is one of the safer, more effective routes. Hit the link below for other clever methods for stretching out new shoes. How to Stretch New Shoes [WikiHow]


  • Officer… I swear I wasn’t drinking… you see what I do is soak my socks in alcohol and then put on these knew shoes and then I drove to work…. and THAT’s why you think I’m 0.093 at 6.47am… but really I’m NOT… hey…. where are we going… oh…. I see you’re going to give me lift to work now… that’s right isn’t it… ??? Officer… ???

    Good tip though… I’ve been struggling with a new pair of workboots this last week and my poor, funny shaped feet will appreciate any help I can give…

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