Get Free Slurpees From 7-Eleven Next Monday

Yes, we know we're getting in several days in advance, but when it comes to free stuff, we favour advance planning. Next Monday (November 7) is 7-Eleven Day, which the chain celebrates by giving out free small slurpees between, obviously, 7am and 11pm.

To score the drink, you have to say "Happy 7-Eleven Day", which I suspect most of you can cope with. I still can't quite get to grips with the concept of Kiwi Strawberry as a flavour, but I'll definitely be grabbing something.


    I was shocked to read that it was a 4 hour window...

    Checked out the official site and it's 7am to 11pm!

    Also, if you got to Hungry Jacks tomorrow, they're having a Festive Friday - get a free cheese burger when you say 'The Burgers are better at Hungry Jacks'. Awesome!

    @Jimmy, I was about to post that also. It seems Angus didn't reference or research his article very well.

    I was about to say. Who would get a slurpee between 7 - 11am?

    Actually if the Kiwi Strawberry Slurpee tastes anything like the Kiwi Strawberry flavour of the Swiss Navy Lube (yes in...yeah) then it'll be awesome.

    the date states 2010?/

    I'm pretty sure that a day off, a mini bus, some friends, a big bottle of vodka, a designated driver, and google maps would make for en epic "Happy 7-eleven Day Slurpee Crawl".

    A pretty new website doesn't make up for atrocious content.
    Lifehacker AU is definitely going downhill lately.

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