Buy A 7-Eleven Slurpee For Five Cents With Any Purchase On Mondays

7-Eleven is selling small Slurpees for just five cents with (almost) any other purchase. The deal is valid every Monday for the rest of the month.

To promote its 1% sugar Slurpee "Zilched" range, 7-Eleven is slashing the price of small Slurpees by 99 per cent on Mondays. After rounding up, this works out to a grand total of five cents. The catch is that you need to buy at least one other product during the transaction. You can purchase anything with the exception of tobacco and smoking-related products.

The deal doesn't appear to be limited to Zilched flavours which means you're free to ignore the spirit of the promotion and indulge in a full sugar hit. Hurrah! You can pick up your 5 cent Slurpee on Mondays until 2 February.


    Did Clare Werbeloff get a job promoting 7-Eleven?

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