Aussies Drank 270,000 Litres Of Free Slurpees

No surprise: we love free frozen drinks. It was 7-Eleven Day last Monday, and according to 7-Eleven itself, 270,000 litres of slurpee were handed out across the nation.

There were reports of sneaky behaviour in some stores (such as putting the small cups behind the counter), but most seem to have been happy to indulge in the slurpee giveaway frenzy. The busiest stores were Cranbourne North in Victoria (which gave out 11,000 free slurpees), Caringbah in NSW (8,813) and Oxfenford in Queensland (4,402).

Victoria consumed more than half the national total, and more than 100,000 slurpees got handed out during the post-school hour alone. The most popular flavour? Passionfruit. (No thanks!)


    Yeah my local 7/11 (Eltham) had the cups behind the counter - had to specifically ask for them. Although this was at 8am so maybe they were just being slack in the morning..

    And in South Australia? 0.

    Because 7/11 doesn't operate here.

    Not that I missed out, or anything....

      Yeah, the use of grand statements like 'across australia' to mean 'victoria, nsw, and queensland' can be a tad annoying. They have a big chunk of the population but still only covers a third of the area.

    I was pretty stoked for my Canberran friends, who were finally joining in on 7/11 day for the first time!

    "Across the Nation" ... yep, the 3 states that Australia consists of.

      Yep.. because WA is slowly trying to separate itself from the rest of Australia so we're not paying for their freeways with our taxes :P

        Actually, WA makes way more money for the Commonwealth than we get back. So you wouldn't be paying for anything with your taxes. In fact, we're paying for things for you with our taxes.

        We have voted to secede before, but it was blocked by the Commonwealth.

          WA was supported financially by the eastern states for the last century, so its swings ands roundabouts. And before you slam me as an eastern stater - I'm at least the 6th generation born in WA on my fathers side and 3 out of 4 grandparents were WA born and bred.

          Suck it up princess - it's a story about free slurpees, not interstate politics.

    "There were reports of sneaky behaviour in some stores (such as putting the small cups behind the counter)"

    Isn't that how it's supposed to work? You go in, say "Happy 7-Eleven Day", and they pull one of the promotional cups out from behind the counter for you?

      The sneakiness is letting people pour ones they have to pay for.

        Ok, that *is* pretty sneaky.

    Some stores were even saying that 7-11 day had ended at around 6pm, when it was supposed to go till 11...

    Which means, by my quick calcs that they added 9390 kg of fat to Australia. Way to go 7-Eleven. Be proud.

    I went to the Cranbourne North one - extremely busy yeah. The poor clerk couldn't control the crowd and one lady demanded she get 5 cups for her "family".

    Incomplete headline is incomplete. 270,000l of slurpees... in the average lifetime? As a nation per year?

      I think the word 'free' might help you here.

        Negatory. The units are still incomplete, regardless of how the fluid is paid for (or not). "According to 7-Eleven itself, 270,000 litres of slurpee were handed out across the nation"... OK, fine, over what time scale?

        Sorry, don't get me wrong, I love everything about this site, but accurate and meaningful quoting of units is sorely lacking in modern meeedja, and this is a personal bugbear.

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