Netflix Has Bugger All Content This Week

This week’s Netflix highlights include Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch, a Christmas comedy special from Jack Whitehall and the family film A Family Reunion Christmas. And, er, that’s about it.

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Netflix seems unusually chill about the emergence of Disney+ in Australia. How else do you explain its almost non-existent lineup this week? Over the next seven days, a grand total of six titles are coming to the service. There are no Netflix Original movies or TV shows either. Literally none.

It’s not unusual for Netflix to have one or two quieter weeks during the month but we don’t recall ever seeing a lineup this paltry or anaemic before. On the plus side, this means you have a chance to catch up on all the content you haven’t got around to watching yet.

Here are the official synopses and trailers for each film and TV show. (You could probably get through these in an afternoon.)

New Netflix TV Shows


New Netflix Movies

Netflix Originals



Sucker Punch (15 December)

A young girl is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather, retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, envisioning a plan to help her escape.

Rabbit (15 December)

After a vivid dream, Maude Ashton returns to Adelaide, certain she now knows the whereabouts of her missing twin sister.


Netflix Documentary & Comedy

Amit Tandon: Family Tandoncies (9 December)

From the death of romance in marriage to the injustices of modern-day parenting, Amit Tandon shares wisdom and wisecracks as a battle-scarred family guy.

Michelle Wolf: Joke Show (10 December)

Michelle Wolf performs a new stand-up comedy special for 2019 shot in New York City.

Jack Whitehall: Christmas with my Father (12 December)

Jack Whitehall attempts to get his notoriously stodgy father into the holiday spirit in this comedy-variety Christmas extravaganza.

Kids & Anime

A Family Reunion Christmas (9 December)

M’Dear and her sisters struggle to keep their singing act together before a church Christmas pageant while Grandpa teaches the kids a valuable lesson.

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