Yes, Apple Australia Is Having A Black Friday Sale

Black Friday deals aren't that common in Australia, but one company that does normally take part is Apple. A teaser link on the Apple Australia site confirms that it will be offering deals this Friday — but that doesn't mean you'll save a lot of money.

Update: The actual sale turns out to be more about gift cards than discounts.

Apple's sale begins at 1201 on 29 November on its site, and also runs in its retail stores. We'd offer this advice: check the deals carefully before signing up. When we've analysed similar Apple deals in the past, we've noticed that often the savings aren't that great. In particular, you'll almost always do better when buying a Mac by waiting until another retailer offers 10 per cent off. We'll analyse the deals when they appear and pick out the best ones.

Pedant note: yes, we know Apple describes this as a "one day shopping event" and doesn't specifically use the "Black Friday" name. However, it runs the event on Black Friday and its front-page link to the sale announcement finishes with the characters "bf_teaser", so we're sticking with the label.



    Just put the new Hue light bulbs on there Apple!

      This. All of this. I've asked my wife for a Hue starter kit so I can at least do my room and part of the living room (or outside, with the right weatherproofing -- great for lights that come on when I get home)

        Seen this? Not here though

    Black Friday has given way to grey Thursday, which starts on actual thanksgiving. I was visiting family in the states and we tagged along with some people who were going to Walmart to pick up some deals.

    Their were huge pallets of stuff wrapped in plastic all down the main aisles to the store and people were crowded around them. At 8pm, you were allowed to go for it. At 8, the whole store went mental. There were police on hand in case things went bad. I got yelled at for resisting being pushed over and everyone was yelling and pushing.

    It's so nice to have a big family meal and be thankful for everything you have, then go and fight people to buy more shit.

    Anyway, it was quite an experience, but not one I wish to repeat.
    Check out some of the crazy black Friday compilations on YouTube.

      And before Grey Thursday comes 25% grey Wednesday. Bargains are 25% of what they would be on Black Friday.

      I know how you feel - I worked midnight opens for toy sales at Kmart back in the day.

      First time, when I was about 16, I made the mistake of standing 30m away from the front door. Next year? Right at the back.

    Your link at "another retailer offers 10 per cent off." points at this article.

    Last edited 27/11/13 9:55 am

    They sell heaps of stuff at full price, can't blame them for not discounting it much.

    No problem with them having a "Friday Sale" so long as they keep in mind that whatever else it may mean overseas, in Australia Black Friday is not something to be celebrated by shopping:

    Isn't Monday the day for the online store to have their sales though?

    It is definitely Apple's Black Friday sale... Even the image URL mentions it!

    AFAICT from their advertising, there is no promise of *any* in-store deals.

    None of that shit here in New Zealand...


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