Notebook Theft On The Rise In Australia

Portability is a key part of the attraction of notebook computers, but it also makes them easy to steal. New survey data suggests that over half of Australian businesses have seen some form of business equipment stolen, and laptops are at the top of the heap.

According to the Kensington Australian Business Security Report 2011, which was conducted by IDC surveyed 1100 Australian workers in large companies, 51% had experienced a theft of equipment, up from 34 per cent the previous year. Of those companies which had seen a theft, notebook computers are the most commonly cited item. As you can see in the graph at the right, the most common location to use a laptop outside of work is at home (which is no protection against theft, of course).

Physically securing your laptop when not in use (using a PC lock or by locking it in a drawer) remains an important basic tactic; on the road, keeping it in sight at all times is your best defence. Also make sure you've installed software like Prey to track your machine if it gets stolen, a tactic which can be surprisingly effective.


    A report by Kensington locks. Yay. Would they have released it if it showed theft was going down?

    Apparently less than 2% of stolen computers are actually recovered. imo it would be better truecrypting the hard drive, OR writing "cash reward, no questions asked etc" on the bottom of the computer in a felt tip pen

    i lock it up at home whenever im out and its not with me now, as well as having Prey installed. After my old netbook got taken (after i used it quickly in the morning, and had it on hibernate and chucked it onto the bed)it really does save you time and money in the long run, if you take extra precautions with it

    Why don't people understand that if someone really wants your notebook they'll take it kensington lock, prey software or not...

    All the lock will do is deter low time criminals but really the best option like mentioned above is to truecrypt your whole drive.. .so if it ever does get taken there is no data visible to anyone without the master password.

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