• Improve Your Writing With An Observational Notebook

    If you’re in the middle of your NaNoWriMo draft and you feel like your novel lacks the kind of sensory detail that other authors seem to include naturally—the kind of writing that makes you feel like you’re inside the story, with the characters, feeling what they’re feeling—it might be time to start carrying an observational…

  • Why Did Dell Downgrade The Inspiron 15 7000?

    Dell’s notebook department has been kicking goals for the last few years, with the latest XPS 13 refresh easily the Windows 10 ultrabook to beat. The company was also doing well on the budget gaming front, thanks to its Inspiron 7000: 15-inch IPS display, 7th-gen Intel CPU and GTX 1060, all for under $2000 (often…

  • Lenovo Will Help Fujitsu Make PCs

    Fujitsu’s PC business isn’t doing so well and rumour has it that Lenovo is looking to buy it. Today, the two companies announced that they will team up to make PCs that will be under the Fujitsu brand. An acquisition of Fujitsu’s ailing PC division may still be on the cards.