MyTravelCoach Helps You Stay Organised While Travelling

MyTravelCoach Helps You Stay Organised While Travelling

Australian travel and tech enthusiast Stephen Walker has created a new iPhone app to help you not only organise upcoming travel but so that he can share tips from his experiences.

Each time I travel overseas I end up making a long list of things I need to prepare and pack. MyTravelCoach lets you enter the basic details about your trip such as dates, whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure and your destination. It then creates a comprehensive checklist of items you need to prepare as well as providing maps and directions to nearby airports (by using Google Maps and your iPhone’s GPS). It also stores flight details and passport information.

MyTravelCoach is available from the iTunes App Store for $1.99. You can contact the developer at his website or via Twitter at @byotravelagent.

MyTravelCoach [iTunes]

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