Always Screenshot Your Boarding Pass

Always Screenshot Your Boarding Pass
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Your mobile boarding pass should always be a tap or two away from your home screen. You have a link to it in your email or your texts, or you’re sure you put it into Apple Wallet. But should isn’t always good enough when it’s time to present it and the airport’s Wi-Fi is flaking out. Always take a screenshot.

Screenshotting everything is an indispensable travel hack. (On iPhone, hold down the power and home buttons at the same time; on Android, it’s usually the power and volume-down buttons.) This way, the information you should have available will always be in your photos app.

That said, your photos aren’t super private, say if you were to hand your phone over to somebody, so consider whether you want to keep that information in your camera roll long-term.

While you’re travelling, consider screenshotting:

  • Any emails with a confirmation number (such as your hotel booking)
  • The addresses and phone numbers of any person or place you plan to visit
  • Maps and directions, even if your map app should have that data available offline — you know better than to rely on should
  • Any important information that came to you in an email or text, or that requires a special app (even something as simple as a PDF reader) to view

This is, of course, in addition to taking snapshots of street maps, signs, and any important piece of paper that crosses your path. Have everything in your photos app, and it will be right there when you need it.


  • I’ve never bothered screenshotting a boarding pass. I, however, use a cloud storage app to store all my travel information and any photos of anything relevant.

    Another huge benefit besides quick access to everything is that years later I can quickly find the information if I want it.

  • On every Android I have had it’s always been the Home button and Power button to screen shot. I’ve owned HTC and Samsung, not sure if other brands do the volume button thing?

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