Melbourne Literary: See Another Side Of A City

Melbourne Literary: See Another Side Of A City

There are lots of ways to see a city. But an iPhone app released by Melbourne writer Narrelle Harris shows you the literary side of Melbourne

I’ve lived in Melbourne my whole life and never ceased to be amazed how there’s always something new to see. Writer Narrelle Harris has found another aspect to Melbourne and exposes it through her iPhone App, Melbourne Literary.

The app is updated regularly. It can direct you to bookstores and literature-related events and tell you about local writers and their work.

Melbourne Literary is available from the iTunes App Store for $2.99.

Melbourne Literary [iTunes]


  • Have you used the app Anthony?

    I live in Melbourne and I love literature, but I’m not too sure what this app could offer me. Basically I’m not sold yet.

    • Hi smurfydog,

      In terms of what the app offers, I’ve made an effort to include entries on lesser-known literary references and items around Melbourne. Rather than a massive list of all the most obvious writers, for example, I’ve included a range of authors from different backgrounds and genres. There’s a growing list of books set in Melbourne too, and both author and book lists are aimed at helping users find new books to read.

      With bookshops, I have included more specialist stores than general ones. The app includes a list of literary-themed cafes and bars, Melbourne locations used in books, statues, murals and plaques, publishers, some libraries, events and writing competitions.

      I’m always looking for lit-inspired venues, statues & more obscure references too and I update every few months. I currently have around 180 entries. I hope that even those who know Melbourne’s literary scene well will still find things they didn’t know about. And it costs less than a coffee at St Ali. 🙂

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