Jetstar Not Charging Excess Baggage Fees This Friday

Jetstar Not Charging Excess Baggage Fees This Friday

Fees for baggage above your allowance can entirely negate any savings from cheap airline tickets, and Jetstar is one of the worst offenders. However, if you happen to be flying this Friday, you don’t need to worry — Jetstar staff will not be processing excess baggage fees as part of a protest over their salary and conditions.

ABC News reports that the ‘No Weigh Day’ protests will be taking place at Sydney, Melbourne, Cairns, Brisbane and Gold Coast airports. As protest tactics go, this seems a clever idea — it will cost Jetstar money ($50,000 a day according to union representatives), but passengers won’t be inconvenienced. Note that Jetstar staff will still be weighing bags, and I’d assume that bags way over the limit might still be rejected on OH&S grounds.

Jetstar strikers announce ‘No Weigh Day’ [ABC News]


  • Smart industrial action that annoys your employer, pleases your customers and doesn’t inconvenience them.
    Does this extend to being allowed to check baggage on a carry-on ticket, or just cases where you booked 15kg but actually have 20kg?
    (A moot point – as I’m flying on Tuesday at 6:30am, like all self employed lifehackers 🙂 )

  • This should be obvious, but I didn’t think of it until someone else pointed it out – don’t forget, if your flight on Friday is the first leg of a return trip, then even if there’s no baggage fares on Friday, you’ll still need to pay for it on the way home! (Unless of course you’re taking something to leave behind with you). But just be carefully about thinking you can overpack, if you could get slugged on the return.

  • Damn, flying Jetstar to Cairns to record with my band on Thursday. Coulda taken all I wanted to if Friday. I bought 30kgs of luggage anyway so it probably would have been too late and coming back is always a worry.

  • ‘Jetstar is one of the worst offenders.’
    This is hardly fair. Jetstar will sell you a certain amount of baggage allowance, if you, through your own negligence or stupidity, go over, tough bikkies. It’s unfair to expect passengers who purchase a suitable amount of baggage allocation to subsidise those who go for the cheapest possible option and then whinge when they go over.
    Second LG’s comment.

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