Jetstar Is Cutting Its Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Jetstar Is Cutting Its Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Jetstar hasn’t made it easy this year to dodge its baggage fees. On top of random weigh-ins at the gate for carry-on baggage, it is now cutting the carry-on allowance on most of its flights from 10kg to 7kg.

Australian Business Traveller reports that the new limit will apply from 25 November. The only exception is Jetstar Japan, which is maintaining the 10kg limit. Anyone who booked a flight prior to today that falls after that date will also be granted the higher 10kg limit.

As our round-up of baggage charges for domestic flights shows, the 7kg limit is what already applies on Qantas, Virgin and Tiger — though only Tiger routinely checks the weight of those bags. As ever, make sure you factor in baggage fees when you’re comparing flights, and remember that if you try and exceed the limits and get caught, the fees can be ridiculously high — a minimum of $70 in Jetstar’s case.

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  • “We have issues with people breaking the rules, so we’ll make the rules more limiting”

    How about they police the rules rather than make them more restrictive?

  • So a 50kg person with a 10kg bag gets stopped or charged extra, while a 120kg person who fills half the seat next to them with a 7kg bag gets the green light?
    Rather charge people for their total weight with baggage.

    • Yep, exactly, cause it’s a lot more PC to weigh their bag than to weigh them…that might constitute discrimination!! Plus Airlines use Standard Weights for passengers but can’t do so for their luggage.

      I work for a small Aviation Company and we have to weigh all our passengers due to the size of our Aircraft and it’s quite fun watching some people have to finally own up to their gross weight!

  • I hope they also crack down on the people trying to take huge bags on board that clearly are not going to fit under the seat, and barely even fit in the lockers without crushing everyone else’s things.

    • +1 They should be concentrate more on the size of peoples’ baggage, not weight. Of course though, this is just an exercise in lightening their load so they can save fuel and money, whilst charging customers more for “overweight” bags.

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